IGEL OS 11 USB redirection in RDS not showing content of the drive?

Guys, think with me please; one of my customers are migrating their UD3-LX from OS10 to OS11. In OS 10 the USB redirection for USB Sticks worked fine. The same profile with OS 11 (of course the firmware level in the profile is matching the firmware level of the Igels after upgrade to OS11) I see the drive letter from the USB redirection settings in the Windows RDS session but not the content of the stick. Same action with an OS10 I also see the drive letter and seconds later also the content. I compared both profiles in UMS but no differences in the USB redirection area. What do I miss?

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Hi Henk, could you try instead to use the local mount and mapping instead of USB Redirection?

Just in addition:

Mounting a Device locally in Igel OS: Storage Hotplug


RDP Mapping:


and please remove Mass Data Storage from your USB Redirection toolset.

Maybe I don’t get it well but use local mount will kill also the user of camera en headset, right?

no, Mass storage sticks can be excluded from USB Redirection!

I did, but no result. I also did the things in the url’s you send (already had that config)

@member Send you screenshots by PM because of privacy info.

Looks good, what about USB redirection settings?


I don’t see it 😞

Henk-Jan, try attach your OS10 profile to the OS11 machine, see if it works

I will try. Let you know

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