IGEL OS 11.01.130 connecting to a Server 2008R2 RDSH doesn’t render the screen correctly

Has anyone else tried updating to 11.01.130 and had trouble with the screens when connecting to a Server 2008R2 RDSH? We tried out the new update on a few of our UD2’s in hopes of resolving some of the display issues we’ve been having. When trying to open any office products on a UD2 on the new version, it doesn’t render the screen correctly. It works as expected on older 11 releases. I’ve removed all profiles and manually created the RDP session and got the same result. No RemoteFX setup either.

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@member are you using the H.264 acceleration by chance?

Not on this profile.

i have this issues as well on in a similare enviroment. But for me it startet to happen with versions later than IGEL OS 10.04 i dont have the 11 version right now so i cant test this too. I have opend a case some weeks ago and no solution right now. Maybe you should open one too so they may find similarity.


I am in the same situation

We have the same problem: Server 2008 has rendering issues, Server 2012 and 2016 are working fine.

Support told us to downgrade to, this workaround works for us.

Thanks I will try it but I think that’s not working for us.

We are still on 11.01.110 and all of our devices are working. We were attempting to upgrade to the newer version to fix other monitor related issues we are having. We also tried the newest version that just released, 11.02.100, and still get the same result.

I updated one of our test clients to 11.02.150 this morning and it seems to solve this issue for the most part. Now it is leaving a faint outline of a window after it’s closed though.

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