IGEL OS 11.02.100 breaks my Citrix Storefront connections,

OS 11.02.100 breaks my Storefront connections, probably because of the new Workspace app 1906. Might be a SSL cipher issue. Anyone with a Citrix environment already has successfully upgraded to 11.02.100?

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Nope. I am usually waiting until I reed success messages from you 🙂

haha, thx for your help 😉

I think I found the cause for the issue. According to support.citrix.com/article/CTX260336 we need to add the self-signed store certificate to the system cacerts… now the question is just how to do this? @member to the rescue 🙂

add it to “Files” in UMS and then add it to the ThinClients in “common Certificate” store!?

I know but didn’t help. Well might be the issue is not certificates related

I have just upgraded with No issues

Thx @member Issue arises probably only with the embedded browser and SAML authentication, regular connections are fine too for me.

I’m connecting from outside with Netscaler with Firefox and also working.

Yep, it’s an issue only if you use the workspace app embedded browser engine

Good to know it, thanks

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