IGEL OS 11.04.200 – profile that sets up 2 displays makes 2 mouse cursors?

Hi all, hope everyone is well. We have a customer that just upgraded to 11.04.200 and when they make a profile that sets up 2 displays they get 2 mouse cursors… when they do it locally on the TC it does not happen, only when they use profile thru UMS. We tried it here and same thing happend.

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Hi Sander,

never had that one… Are both mouse cursors moving at the same time?

Which kind of device / mouse / display are you using?

nope the one on the right is not moving and is even on screen with screensaver…

it does not matter wich screen or mouse, customer uses completly different ones then we just tested here

Please open a terminal, login as root.

su user


What is the output?

Which Hardware are you using. UD2, maybe? Could be worth to try to switch on software cursor: In the IGEL Registry:


we even tried here on a Atrust t176 and still happens then..

@member that trick worked for here, so I will send that to the customer.

Yes, I have the same issue – but only happening for “some” users after upgrading to 11.04.110 (from 11.02.252). It’s very rare, but have seen this occasionally in the environment.

@member This is interesting – so the x.xserver0.sw_cursor is responsible? I’ll have to compare – thanks.

@member You mentioned “UD2” – is there something bout the behaviour for these devices which would cause this issue to manifest?

@member Just to clarify, in your environment, you can duplicate the issue by setting up a UMS profile that sets the Display configuration for “2” screens like so? But if the setup is only done locally (display switch?) then the issue goes away?

yes indeed, when we set this locally no issues, when setup with a profile thru UMS the second mouse pointer came in screen

@member I’m trying to recreate the issue but alas I cannot (I’d really like to since I do still have users with the issue). I’m running on UD2 11.04.220. When I apply no profiles to my UD2, I get one cursor. When I apply only a “Display –> 2 screens” profile, I still only get 1 mouse cursor. So there must be something else.

Did you do anything special (import user’s profile) to duplicate the issue?

no nothing else, clean install of 11.04.200 and then clean profile with only 2 display set

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