IGEL OS 11.04.240 not receiving IP address and shows as offline

We’re experiencing network connectivity issues after upgrading from 11.03.500 to 11.04.240. 1 out of about 50 clients will show offline after upgrade completes. The NIC is present but it won’t receive an IP. For our last one we had to replace the patch cable, but it was working before upgrade. Is 11.4 more sensitive to packet loss?

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The network manager does seem to be a lot more sensitive in 11.04.200+. I saw the same thing you are seeing and in most cases it can be resolved with fixing the degraded cabling.

Disable the network manager in the registry can also act as a bandaid

It is a bit, yes.. This thread is covering afew ideas:


Thanks all. Any side effects with disabling network manager?

You are welcome! I didn‘t noticed negative side effects until now 😇

I’m not quite sure I understand what you mean. To clarify my question, are there any known side effects to disabling network manager via the registry on 11.04.240 to fix the issue in question?

That‘s what I understood and meant, no, I‘m not aware of negative side effects😉

Where is this registry located? Can’t seem to find it.

In a Profile or locally in IGEL Setup: System, Registry.

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