IGEL OS 11.05.100 recommends UMS 6.07.100, any specific reasons why?

It looks like the release notes for firmware 11.05.100 say that it’s recommended to use UMS. 6.07.100. We still have 6.04.120. Does anyone know the specific reasons why?

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You could update to 6.06.110. 6.07.100 is soon to come.

On March 15 is the rough plan

The question was “why is it recommended?”

A couple of new features like the Heartbeat feature needs new UMS.

Hi @member and @member. One reason to update is if you need the new profile settings to show up in their respective areas, opposed to showing up in the registry. Some new settings only appear in the sections after the UMS upgrade. You can always open setup locally on a device and see the new features/settings, but they may not show up when creating a new profile in UMS until you upgrade. For instance, when Chromium was released(don’t remember version number right now) you had to upgrade your UMS to see it under sessions when building a profile, even if the device was on the correct version and your profile was based on the correct version. @member hope I didn’t butcher that explanation lol

Just…. perfect Zachary. 👏

right on

Thanks! It looks like the main reasons for this version are for the heartbeat feature to work (which is one of the main reasons for me) and to see profiles correctly.

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