IGEL OS 5 to IGEL OS 10 Upgrade – Citrix login page states “No Receiver detected” yet it works

HI, we have a customer that is doing a update from OS5 to OS10 (10.06.176) and when loggin in to Citrix at the login page it states “No Receiver detected” yet it does work. The customer wants to know why this is stated and what it means. (screenshots added) one is with OS 10 and the other with OS5 then it says “Receiver detected”

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Hi, assuming you are using Firefox:

this thread covers different possible solutions for the removed NPAPI in Firefox:



Yes indeed Firefox, but is there a solution for this, the customer does not want to have to click “installed already” for every person that is working on the Thinclient

Changing the protocol handler in Storefront should help

So all the solutions are on the server side right ?

Yes – you could also create a separate store for IGEL and disable the HTML5 receiver for this store, might solve the issue as well

Oke thank you very much all 🙂

or don’t wipe the cookies in your FF session – this way the user has to detect it only once

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