IGEL OS and Citrix Workspace App 19.12 – failover switch of our Netscalers let the IGEL clients break the connection?

On clients with IGEL OS 10.06.170 and Citrix Workspace App 19.12, that connected through Citrix Netscaler, a failover switch of our Citrix Netscalers let the IGEL clients break the connection to all Citrix connections. I don’t know if this is an client or an Netscaler configuration issue. But someone know how to set the timeout on the client, that a failover of the netscaler let the client reconnect the session ?

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Hi Inga, is this what you are looking for?


Make sure you have ‘Session Reliability on HA Failover’ enabled on the Citrix NetScaler, this will failover the connected users to the other NetScaler when there is a HA failover.

Thank you for the fast reply, But this option is only for the storefront webview.

Also thank you – I will have a look at the netscalers configurations. Sounds like our issue 🙂

I cant recall the exact version but that option came in a recent OS version. Should be enabled on all ADC deployments.

We are running 12.1 latest build. It seems that the option is not enabled, but enabling the setting, the message that appears makes me little bit nervous 🙂

thats it, just means existing sessions wont fail over should you have an event, but new and future sessions will.

Great. Thank you all and especialy dear Carl. !!!💯

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