IGEL OS and OpenVPN server configuration?

Hi all, due to the way that our OpenVPN server has been configured (and I can’t change it) I need to use a System -> Firmware Customization -> Custom Application to run the openvpn client. This will prompt the user for their username, password and Google authenticator token. It works fine when I run it manually from the shell but when I call it from the custom application, I see a window flash up briefly and then disappear. Any ideas how I make this work?

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In profile — have custom command that does something like this…

/usr/bin/xfce4-terminal -T “OpenVPN” –geometry=80×10-0+0 -x command_to_run

Hi Ron, this looks like it will work. I’ll test properly when I get home (I can’t test openvpn from within the work network). Thanks!

For wifi device at the office, connect to the internet via your phone hotspot. 😉

Sample profile that uses xfce4-terminal can be found here — github.com/IGEL-Community/IGEL-Custom-Partitions/tree/master/CP_Source/Tools_Drivers/MacBook-wifi


Hi Ron, I don’t think our IGELs (UD7-LX) have wifi adaptors, unless they’re built-in and I never noticed…

Oh… okay… you could spin up an IGEL OS VM (with 90 trial license) on your laptop PC / Mac via Virtualbox and then connect via your phone hotspot for testing in the office…

See my doc on setting up sandbox…


Yay, it works!!! Well, sort of 🙂 I had to “chmod 4775 /usr/bin/sudo” as openvpn wouldn’t work unless it was run as root and I couldn’t make su work via a custom command.

use pkexec. So the command will be –> pkexec /usr/bin/xfce4-terminal -T “OpenVPN” –geometry=80×10-0+0 -x command_to_run

You legend! Perfect! I’m stoked how well this works.

You are most welcome! Take care my friend.

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