IGEL OS authentication with 802.1x issues

I ́ve updated 3 devices to 11.4.106 and now I have problems with the authentication with 802.1x. The igels have a certificate from a ms-scep-server, they ́ve got a valid certificate, but authentification fails. With 11.3.X no problems

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The subject of the certificate for 11.3.X Looks like this: subject= /C=NL/ST=OV/L=Almelo/O=ETC/OU=IT/CN=http://NL02ITC-20008.EXT.ENRITEC.COM NL02ITC-20008.EXT.ENRITEC.COM

The subject of the certificate for 11.4.X Looks like this: subject=C = NL, ST = OV, L = Almelo, O = ETC, OU = IT, CN = NL02ITC-20008.EXT.ENRITEC.COM NL02ITC-20008.EXT.ENRITEC.COM

This is the only change I see. Is this a bug or is my config not correct?


I can confirm that 802.1x isn’t working for me on 11.04.100. Today is the first day I have been in the office with one that has been converted in order to test.

however, the subject of the cert on 11.3.X for me is a little different. Mine has no slashes. It is identical to the 11.04.X except the 11.04.x has spaces like shown by @member

so instead of being like: C=US, ST=IN, L=Wabash, O=Beacon Credit Union, OU=IT, CN=DNSName

it is C = US, ST = IN, L = Wabash, O = Beacon Credit Union, OU = IT, CN = DNSName

Correct. Copied the line out of putty

Our Network Engineer is saying it never even tries to authenticate with the network.

looking at journalctl I see some network_man and nm_lan lines that contain ‘801-1x.identity: property is missing’

I tried recreating the SCEP certificate policy and the 802.1x policy and it didn’t help

These two lines appear to possibly causing an issue.

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this is from a device with 11.03.110 on it

I’ll open a ticket either later tonight or in the morning

Ticket Opened ITRS#2020082710000923 – Hopefully, support will have an idea how to fix.

This is the CSR, so yeah, something wrong there.

However, I think it is something more than that. If you look at the certificate I posted above, even the Issuer had those extra spaces. So I don’t think it is with the CSR creation, but rather with something that is reading the file.

Thanks for being so active on this 🙂

The new firmware 11.04.112 does fix this issue. I just tested it and 802.1x authentication is working

It is working fine now, Thanks

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