IGEL OS Bluetooth manager won’t come up to pair a Bluetooth mouse on ASUS VivoBook Flip 14 TP412UA

Hello people! I am trying to enable Bluetooth on a ASUS VivoBook Flip 14 TP412UA. I have the following settings configured via a profile. But I am still not getting the Bluetooth manager to come up to pair a Bluetooth mouse with it. Can someone help with this?

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Hello Alan,

can you check If Accessories=>Bluetooth is available?


If yes, you should find it here:

I can see that.

I have the bluetooth tool icon on the quick start bar. I click it but nothing happens.

I deleted and rebuilt my original Bluetooth profile. Now the tray icon shows up. I can’t get it to find any Bluetooth devices.

Will iGel OS allow a Bluetooth connection using the devices built-in Bluetooth hardware or does it require an external Bluetooth adapter to be plugged into a USB port?


You could check if the Bluetooth is supported:


Linux 3rd Party Hardware Database


Changed: Bluetooth is off by default again. It wiil be temporary enabled for auto pairing

before the initial Setup Assistant runs. Only if a device is paired during this

phase, Bluetooth is enabled afterwards.

To enable Bluetooth support by configuration use this parameter:


|IGEL Setup | Devices > Bluetooth |


|Parameter |`Bluetooth` |


|Registry |`devices.bluetooth.enable` |


|Value |disabled* (default) / enabled |


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