IGEL OS cannot register with UMS, whether FQDN or IP address

Igel cannot register. whether FQDN or IP address. show me below picture.

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Please check if port TCP 30001 from Endpoint=>UMS is opened in Firewall/Windows Firewall.

How to check port on UDC3?

It’s probably more of an inbound issue on the UMS side

Open a terminal on Igel (Accessories, Terminal, +, save), open the terminal, login as root:

ping yourumsserver

probeport yourumsserver 30001

@https://app.slack.com/team/U8JEK7B4N René Bigler I opened 30001 and 30005 on UMS server.

Have you opened port 8443?

P.s 30001 is both TCP & UDP

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