IGEL OS clients with audio issues, resetting the device and using the same profiles again solves it

we have some clients with audio issues. we found out, that resetting those clients and using the same profiles again solves this.

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due to the fact that currently most thinclients are placed in homeoffice we need another way to solve this.

any idea, which config we can check for this issue?

Which kind of audio issue are you facing? Is it happening in Session / locally / both?

Also check the standard device, some monitors supply audio threw display port or hdmi cable but sometimes that is not what you want.

the issue just appeared? what was changed? FW-update? Are the profiles “base on” adjusted to the used firmware?

When you open the Sound Preferences locally (by default right click on the IGEL desktop) do you see all input and output available? Are the correct one highlighted?

it is hapening for longer time, that there is no audio in browsers or VLC e.g.

in parallel we are using cisco jabber (jvdi) and that works fine.

if we factory reset those thinclients and take the same profile as before audio is working fine in browsers and VLC and jabber. maybe the issue is caused by an firmware upgrade longer time ago. but at least all clients are based on the same images (most on, some on 10.05.800.01, and a few on 11.x).

i will have to check audio settings on an affected device.

that’s interesting:

on an affected client i opened the audio settings and get two devices as output:



internes Audio

2.: Kopfhörer


the second device is working fine. if i select the first device, the selection switches immediately back to the second device. it seems that the internal audio is not working. BUT: calls to softphone (cisco jabber, jvdi-client) are ringing on the thinclient, so the device seems to work.

What happens when you click the test button?

i am not able to push “test sound”. as soon as i select the internal device on the left it is switching back to the second available device (plantronics headset). seems like this internal device is faulty.

Did you set something like this in a profile:

kb.igel.com/igelos-11.03.500/en/options-27247123.html kb.igel.com/igelos-11.03.500/en/options-27247123.html

Default Sound Ouput?

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