IGEL OS clients with more than 1 profiles that contain a custom partition are failing to get the profiles containing custom partitions

We have a thin client folder that consists of several profiles so when we add the thin client to the folder it inherits all the profiles that are applied. However, if there are more than 1 profiles that contain a custom partition, the thin client is failing to get the profiles containing custom partitions. In our case, we have Chrome and Teamviewer profiles (both of which contain custom partitions) that fail to get installed on the client. However, if I apply the Chrome profile first on the folder..wait until it finished and then apply the TeamViewer profile, both profiles install successfully. Does anyone have a fix for this problem? Thanks

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How does it looks like then? An error on endpoint with a CP Downlaod or init error? Can you check, if the CP profile (when clicking on it in Porfile folder) has a checkbox checked: overwrite sessions?

This is what the error looks like on the client

the overwrite session button is unchecked on both the Chrome and Teamviewer profile

well… Yes, that’s another topic… Two Custom Partitions on the same device isn’t recommended (it needs some tweaks). If you need both of them in parallel, it would be good to have them packed in one, or, choose two different partition names instead of both in /custom…

Is there a process in creating a new partition name or can I just call it /custom1 and it’ll automatically create it?

I would copy the profiles, edit them in accordance, I mean editing the partition name like teamviewer or chrome.

Assign one, check if daemons or Custom Applications (and icons) are reffering to the old path and try then to add the second one

So i first changed all settings in the Chrome profile to point to /custom1 partition and it worked fine using the new partition name. I however, still have the same problem when both Chrome and Teamviewer profiles are applied to the same folder.

any other suggestions?

Yes, but complicated to explain: If a customer of mine knows for sure that he needs both CPs, I’m trying to put both of them together in one TAR file, that’s my approach usually. Are they maybe a planned meeting with an IGEL SE in a near time to help you a bit by testing?

I am curious about this as well because i may run into this same problem in the future. Could you have 1 CP but create multiple downloads to that CP? So download chrome and teamviewer to the same custom partition?

I didn’t tried tbh since OS11, but yes, if CP size covers both, it should work by adding a additional URL

What’s an IGEL SE? We have an IGEL sales rep that’s offered support since we have a big deployment in progress. Also tested a Chrome Profile with a Wall Paper Profile (that adds a picture file to /custom partition) and it also fails

So i’ll send our sales rep this thread to see if they can help create a TAR file like you mention..Thank You

System Engineer, sorry for the shortened form😄

Yes, that would make sense, the reason resides in the art how the CP was created… Some are running a standard init script, some are doing it manually by commands or other😊

In accordance to the CP Init way, you can then test the correct way. Hope it helps a bit…

Thanks again for your help

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