IGEL OS devices are randomly rebooting and reporting new system configuration changes upon boot

Hi All, looking for clues, have 80 IGEL’s that randomly are rebooting and reporting new system configuration changes when no one is doing it. Looking for clues on how to dig into the logs and fine out? Any assistance is appreciated.

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Hi Brian, which Firmware? Is Display Switcher Tool inside Igel OS in use for display configuration?

Do you have the Logging feature enabled under Administration, Logging? That might help to find the configuration inititiator: Right click on device, Logging – Messages / Event

firmware is a mixture of I just enabled this, I am not sure if that is what you are referring to. I have tried to right click on a device and look at the messages and events not seeing much there to help me find the culprit.

And are you using display switcher for display config ? 🙂

let me check that

doesn’t look like we have that set to enable

Hi All, I’ve got a simular Issue. My IGEL don’t reboot but randomly after reboot they also report new system configuration changes when no one is doing it. After this happened, they lose the display-configuration an after each start duplicate the screen instead of expanding. The Setting is Multi-Monitor-Use, Firmware 11.03.500.01 and we have enabled display-switcher . Is there a known issue with the display-switcher?

on 500, yes! It’s fixed in 11.04.240 😄

@member That is interesting. That sounds identical to what we saw. Let me confirm firmware versions. We can’t deploy 11.04.240 yet it destroys our IGEL’s with GRUB menu issues so be careful to test diligently.

I’ve read here in the community and therefor wanted to wait with upgrade to 11.04.240. But it’s good to know there is a solution 🙂 Many Thx to @member and @member

Just ensure that you test. I had the following occur and I am now rebuilding devices. I still have a ticket with IGEL on these issues and no resolution. All I did was upgrade to 11.04 and poof. Trying to find the screen shots but I cant at the moment DOH!

@member So, did it worked on 11.04.240?

@member negative 11.04.240 caused the IGEL UD2 devices to break. I have not deployed anymore, I had to roll back devices that were salvageable. I had 2 devices get the Grub message and 2 devices get the partition message after upgrading. These are all IGEL UD2 models, not UDC conversions etc.

Ok, let’s focuse on issue 1 first then 😄

does the screen issue also happen after a factory reset?

Hi Sebastian, I don’t have the IGEL’s in front of me. I am having them shipped from to me. Once I have them I can definitely troubleshoot further with you. It was and is very odd, because they IGEL’s like worked for a day with the firmware and then day 2 poof. I am working with IGEL support on this, and I think they are watching the ticket because it is hypothesized as a possible bug, but there is no solid evidence to support this yet.

I got the message about “system configuration changes” random after booting. I don’t know whats the reason for. But also with firmware 11.04.240 I can confirm that the display settings will not always being saved after rebooting. Display Switcher is enabled like in the Screenshot of Bianca.

I think 11.04.240 has major issues, bugs that IGEL hasn’t identified yet. I keep getting “we have tons of customers who have upgraded just fine” but I am not getting a warm and fuzzy feeling about this. I am still working with @member with IGEL support on this to see if we can debug what is going on. @member

Check out this maybe it will fix issues? IT looks a a private build igelcommunity.slack.com/archives/G01H007F70D/p1608154527000100

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