IGEL OS devices can successfully connect to the ICG but registration with UMS fails

hello all,

I’ve got a UDPocket on version 10.03.570.01 that I’m trying to connect through ICG so that I can update the firmware to OS11. I can successfully connect to the ICG but registration with UMS fails. I don’t see anything on the standard local system log viewer and the catilina log on UMS doesn’t show anything either. I also just created a vm using the 10.05.500.01 firmware and had the same results.

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this is what I see…thoughts?

Hello Stuart: are ICG Licenses left on your UMS? That‘s typically happening when the balance isn‘t given.

yeah I have 17 Workspace lics and Enterprise management pack lics

they are set to auto deployment with no conditions

Workspace/Enterprise are only valid for OS11, but you wrote that you are testing with OS10 or did I misunderstood you?

no that is correct

ok so that makes sense

I guess I’ll have to request some older license files from my channel rep

or I guess I could register the demo lic manually?

You could try if it‘s still valid!


thanks sebastien I appreciate all the help you’ve given me

guess it would be easier if I could just update the firmware to OS11 on the pocket w/o using ums

Feature request!


Sebastian, is there a way for me to get these UD Pockets on OS11 without talking to UMS? I’ve tried using the firmware update feature in the local setup program but not having any luck. The “file” options and the “FTP” options seem like they would be my best bet but I’m not having any luck getting the update process to work. What would be your suggestion?

Stuart, one way could be to reflash the UDP with the OS Creator tool. Prepare an empty stick with


boot from it and choose the UDP as target during the installation process.

Keep in mind that it will delete everything from the device.

I’ll give that a whirl


@member did this work out for you? I am facing the same thing right now. I have an ICG and UMS setup (new install on demo licensing) and everything “seems” right, but the UD Pocket won’t connect to the UMS server

@member would you mind sharing license type and firmware version of your UD Pocket?

UD Pocket is 10.x (don’t have the full version handy) and I am working with some evaluation licensing at the moment.

Great! Thanks! And you have some separate eval licenses for the ICG test also, right? If yes: what happens after the Password verification on endpoint side?

Hmm….that is a good question on the ICG license. 🙂 When I connect from the UD Pocket, I get the same messages as the screenshot above – the ICG connection is made and UMS Agent – Failed to register the Thin Client to UMS and UMS Agent – Failed to register the new firmware at UMS

Ok! Thanks. Then, please check UMS Console=>UMS Administration=>Global cobfiguation=>Licenses=>UMS Licenses if they are ICG Licenses. If not, it would makes sense to ask your local Igel sales rep. for a few test licenses or move UDP with OS11 Enterprise Mgt. Pack to get the brand new stuff😄

yeah, I’ll grab it from the portal. This is why you don’t let the “business guy” play in the engineering world.

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