IGEL OS devices disconnecting from ICG

Hi All,

First post since joining so hello to all, enjoying reading all the questions and answers.

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I have a question of my own, our ICG is online and responding to requests, enter the authentication details, get the ready message, done. But the client stays as disconnected and i am struggling to work out why. Any tips on where to look?

The UMS shows the usage count goes up each time i try so the attempt is being registered but the device does not appear in the UMS devices.


Hi Dan, first of all: a warm welcome to our Community!!

Great, thanks! Would you mind sharing ICG / UMS Versions too?

checking Time between Endpoint, ICG, UMS, ADC would be great.

On logs side: UMS Server: IGELRemoteManagerrmguiserverlogs, Catalina

ICG: /opt/IGEL/icg/usg/logs/

may also help.

Is there a AV/Firewall between UMS and ICG? I would disable them temporarly.

Hello Dan.

If you open the Application Launcher on one of the thin clients, then click on the info button, does it show it connected to UMS?

@member Nothing shown on the client, the option doesnt show up at all under the DNS server.

@member Thanks for the welcome 🙂

UMS has just been upgraded to 6.06.110 from 6.06.100 (trying to resolve this issue)

ICG : 2.02.110

Endpoint time was wrong – now corrected syncing with uk.pool.ntp.org uk.pool.ntp.org 13.35 – Its an RX420 running 11.01.110

ICG time: 13.35

UMS time: 13:35

ADC – Are you referring to Citrix here?

There is a firewall, the UMS is on the internal network, the ICG is in the DMZ – port 8443 is open and i can see traffic flowing.

Logs… excellent will get into them now.

Dont waste any time – its started working now! It registered and i can see the device in the UMS.

Either the upgrade of UMS version or the endpoint time resolved it – im going with the time (although im pretty sure the time was fine yesterday)

Thanks to both for your help and quick responses, really appreciate it

yeah, my guess is the time also. That causes all kinds of issues.

At least im fully up to date on the UMS now, saves me a job.

Since the RX420 doesn‘t have a CMOS Battery to store time over reboot, setting an NTP is crucial. Pete t!! Dan, I wish you all the best on your testings!

yeah, for sure. the RX420 is very picky about time. Without NTP set, one will get random results.

It must of been the time, looked back at a photo I had taken and the time must of been wrong as I wasn’t awake at the time stated on the photo.

Onto my next challenge, custom partitions didn’t come through in the profile but I saw some Q&As above about similar issues so will reread those topics and see if I can get them sorted.

Cheers guys

Always good to create a NTP profile and deploy to all devices. When converting existing devices, I assume that the PC COIN CMOS battery is dead or soon will be.

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