IGEL OS devices not receiving firmware updates over IGEL ICG?

Hi everyone. I have what I think to be a bit of a silly question but I’m having trouble resolving it. I have a basic PoC out for clients connecting to the ICG and it works great (good news). Trouble I’m having now is getting those clients to update their firmware. I’ve been told that I need to host the update file on an externally available server so that the devices are able to retrieve and get their downloads. What I’ve done so far is this….

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1) Downloaded the firmware from iGel here: www.igel.com/software-downloads/workspace-edition/ unzipped the file and placed the contents in a folder available externally via https on a file server

2) Created a profile with the settings as seen in a screen cap below (Please excuse my terrible snipping tool creation). I tried to mimic the setup that is created by default for internal devices

3) Verified that I can browse to the file location with a normal web browser and can view the files

Unfortunately, I’m not seeing the ICG connected devices even try to download any files to upgrade themselves upon a reboot or shutdown, so I know I’ve mis-configured something somewhere.

Hi James, what happens when sending them (just for testing) a Update command? Right click on one device, Update & Snapshot commands, Update, does that work?

Just wondering about the port 8443 of your external webserver, is it really 8443 and not only 443?

Ha, good catch Sebastien. I should have seen that, but staring at things for too long will do that do you. I’ll make that change and see if the behavior improves

@member I assume that was part of the problem, but I still can’t get the devices to update. I have even went so far as to dumb it down to just using the Http version on port 80.

1) At first they kept stating unable to resolve host name for the file server, even though it would resolve just fine if I was using a terminal to ping the FQDN for verification.

2) I changed the FQDN to the Public IP address, and now it states three errors. First, Couldn’t connect to server. Second Access to URL Failed. Third Cannot get version from update location.

All of this is odd because the file location allows for anonymous access as long as you know the direct file path to the folder (hence no username/password) in my screenshot.

I’ll keep messing with it unless you’ve got another route or quirk of the system that may resolve it.

@member Finally got it working. IIS needed a special MIME type to allow for unknown file extensions. Should be all set. Thanks again as always. Really appreciate you being active in the community

Happy to help James! Thanks for sharing the solution!

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