IGEL OS does not login to CItrix farm – error “starting xxxx” then windows disapears

Hello IGEL Community – We have Problems with our IGEL Thin Clients – Problem are on all Versions – we have some V4, many V5 and some V10 – ca. 120 Igel at all – i try my best to make it understanable….. few of our Igels start the OS, Loginscreen is loaded, Login is made, Apps are fetched but when you try to start one we can see the “starting xxxx” windows – then windows disapears – no app start and no session is created on the Citrixfarm.

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Hello, is the issue present on every device / firmware? can you try to check if an access by opening a firefox session instead, works then?

Hello Sebastian, no the Problem occurs actually on 6 devices – but every OS is involved (V4, V5 and V10)

Firefox Session means? Open Firefox on Igel and try over the Webinterface?

my problem is that no session is created – i guess that it has to be an lizense problem – i never had a similar problem in 18 years in this business ๐Ÿ™‚

oh maybe i missunderstood the forum here and posted my problem into another threat?

Yes, Firefox and Webinterface was my first idea๐Ÿ˜„

Well, can you check which Firmware version is in use and give me a short info?

Last thing: if something went wrong, you could reset the device to factory defaults and reregister it to avoid some old misconfiguration.

Hey Sebastian, now it`s running again, let me explain ๐Ÿ™‚

I made a Reset on the Igel`s – nothing changed, then i made a manual Firmware up and downgrade – nothing changed, after this a made the Post here in the Forum.

I went home after that …. this morning i restartet our lizenzserver and all is running again ….. sorry for that, i should have tried this before writing here but sometimes the most obvious thing is done at last … sorry.

Thatโ€˜s fine, happy that you solved it and thanks for the feedback!! ๐Ÿ‘

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