IGEL OS doesn’t detect neither the keyboard nor mouse on Lenovo T440

Good day I install igel os for the first time on lenovo T440 notebook. Unfortunately Igel doesn’t detect neither the keyboard nor mouse

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Good evening! Can you give us a few details on how you tested it? I mean Igel Version and Product (UDC or UDP)?

Sure I just downloaded new os file 11.01.100

it is OSC i don’t have access to UDP

I install UMS with default settings. It didn’t ask about certificate etc

Thanks!! Ok, strange… usually keyboard is pretty straight forward…

So: no keyboard actions at all? Caps lock led? We speak about the builtin KB, right?

I know it sounds weird but could you retry the experiment with a standard Linux Distro like Ubuntu? The 440 is from MHO nothing really exotic and should be compatible to 99%.

Indeed it is a bit strange windows was runing fine on it. I added external mousekb to get going. We just testing it for a first time

Is there a way to inject the drivers later or into the os deployment disk

Yes, that’s something we could do (even if I assume that there should be a quicker fix 😄). In which country are you located, if I may ask?


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