IGEL OS Error “cannot resolve host”

Since this morning I started getting popups on new clients deployment “cannot resolve host” updates.igel.de/… Not sure what’s going on and why my clients need to talk to igel update servers and why in Germany?

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Are you disabling / enabling features under Systen, Firmware customization, Features? If yes, you need to assign a Firmware to the folder / device.

I get this message when I boot device, before it is connected to ICG or UMS

Yes, but the but the devices are already registered in UMS right?

It was, then it was reseted to factory defaults

It isn‘t really a error, this could happen when you have profiles that enable a feature which isn‘t activated by default and needs to be installed! Or if you disabled some features

, and reset the device.

The device will try to reinstall them after a reset.

Easiest way to avoid this behaviour, is assigning a Firmware Update profile to the top Folder of your UMS Structure, register the device to it, and reset it then to factory defaults.

That’s not good because any new device not matching that firmware would get downgraded or upgraded to that firmware

No, not really, only if you enabled to check Updates on Boot / Shutdown.

As an alternative, create a View per firmware and assign the firmware to the view:

kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-6.05/en/assigning-profiles-to-devices-filtered-by-views-or-search-31598939.html kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-6.05/en/assigning-profiles-to-devices-filtered-by-views-or-search-31598939.html

or find the profile where you disabled / enabled the features and remove it from your config.

Hello, I have the same problems with some of our Clients, both os10 and os11. We have no changes in the Firmware customization>Features. The Clients with the error dont register in UMS. Our only solution is to either let the customer reset the client manually(wich doesnt work that often), or disconnect the network at a specific time. Seems like the client wants to do a firmware update, wich cant work since its not in the UMS. Any tips?

Which firmware versions exactly are concerned?

Can you both please export the settings and PM them to me?


Do you only need the settings I use or also wich firmware versions. Currently every version i’ve tried can get the error. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesnt.

The firmware version would help also!

Thanks for the settings! indeed, nothing obvious related to Firmware. Which UMS Version are you using @member and @member?

Im using 6.05.100 (Build 47020) However the error also happend when i had the version 5.something

Just in case… @member your profile showed that you have assigned a 10.06.190 firmware but the device is on 10.05.500. Does it happen also when assigning a 10.05.500 firmware to that device and reset it?

Jep, infact it happend more often with a 10.05.500 firmware assigned. Does it matter for a device if it has another firmware assigned? I thought it only matters if the Update oder Update when shutting down command are used?

That’s true, I can’t get why your devices are trying to reinstall a feature after factory reset when not having disabled a Feature. So I’m searching for possible reasons 😄 Can you provide a Screenshot of the error you get?

Same @member can you provide a screenshot of the error you get?

cannot reproduce it because I already set firmware profiles on the root(s)

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