IGEL OS Error: “Failed to set MokListRT: Ivalid Parameter”

Hello Team,

Has anyone experienced the following error message?

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“Failed to set MokListRT: Ivalid Parameter”

We’ve experienced this on a few devices at this time. Our Lenovo M700 Tiny ThinkCentres. They were imaged with IGEL 10.4.100 and were put out in the field for our end users. They were working for a quite a while before we started to see this issue. Seems like a the Lenovo crashes and then on boot up will come to this screen where nothing really can be done to resolve. We’ve had to re-image one of the devices in order to get rid of this error. However, because it’s happening to a few different Lenovo’s now, we’re wondering if anyone has seen this.

Yes, had this in combination with UEFI and Bios Updates. Did you updated the Bios meanwhile?

I did update the bios to the latest showing for the devices on the Lenovo support page. However, after updating the bios, it did not resolve the issue. We still got the message on boot and had to re-image the thin client with a fresh copy of IGEL

No, I meant between first install and first issue…

I used this article from askubuntu last time:

For others strugglng with the same problem on a Dell Latitude, here it is a short guide:

Enter BIOS setup.

Select General > Boot Sequence on the left.

Ensure UEFI is selected and click Add Boot Option.

Enter some name and browse for grubx64.efi on the right file system (in my case it was FS1).

Click Ok, save the settings and that’s it!

I did do some of this research and found this same article. On our Lenovo’s though, we did update the bios firmware and reimaged as I mentioned, but we haven’t updated the bios firmware on M700’s preemptively as per the IGEL website, it was stated that these devices were compatible with our IGEL OS Version.

Should the devices be using UEFI bios or Legacy bios for best performance?

UEFI, is in my opinion better from a security perspective. Legacy offers, well, a easiest access.

So for our M700’s that are out in the field, you’re suggesting that we update the BIOS firmware to the latest version from the Lenovo support website?

The bios do include UEFI firmware updates.

Let‘s give it a try!!

I understand. Thank you. I will follow up with my internal leadership to work on a plan.

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