IGEL OS Error “Firmware can’t be installed on the hardware” / Error “unable to find a suitable target device”

I am trying to install Igel OS on a new laptop and this is the first time saw this message. “Firmware can’t be installed on the hardware. Error : unable to find a suitable target device.” Please remove the USB stick and close the dialog to shutdown.

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Do you think this error has anything to do with UEFI or legacy boot option ?

Do you have access to BIOS? You could check which HDD/SSD Disk setting is set: disable raid. Did you tried the legacy version just to see? Which kind of Laptop brand / model are you using? Which Igel OSC Version is on the stick?

One of the last private builds fixes some issues with unrecognized storage.

Model : Dell Latitude 5424 Rugged. Did not see any Disk Settings in Bios.

Igel OSC version 11.03.01

The hardware looks like not supported ? kb.igel.com/hardware/en/supported-devices/third-party-devices-supported-by-igel-os-11

I am using this tool to create my bootable disc. kb.igel.com/igelos-11.03.100/en/create-usb-installation-medium-windows-24386530.html will the latest version 11.03.530 solve my problem ?

I downloaded the OSC installer but not sure how i can use it since I am on Windows

On Windows: inside the zip, there is a preparestick.exe which you can use to prepare a new installation stick.

Or use rufus to burn the ISO to a memory stick

Even better!

There’s no ISO file inside the previous zip file. Will wait for the new upload

Did you find a resolution to this problem? I’m having the same issue with a Dell 5410 laptop.

You need a specific OSC File not the Firmware Update. In your case: fwu.igel.com/files/IGEL_OS_11/OSC/OSC_11.03.580.zip fwu.igel.com/files/IGEL_OS_11/OSC/OSC_11.03.580.zip

I needed to disable the Raid on the Dell Latitude7400. Thanks. 🙂

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