IGEL OS Error: Firmware no signed – Firmware update failed

Has anyone come across an error when trying to deploy 11.04.130. Error: Firmware no signed. Cannot get info from update location. Firmware update failed. The new firmware is not signed. Update not allowed.

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Could you provide a Screenshot of the whole Directory where the Update is in? Especially including file size?

What do you mean by directory? In Windows Explorer?

I guess you mean ums_filetransfer?

Yes, exactly or by Browser pointing to the folder where the Update is extracted to.

Yes, it should be under ums_filetransfer if not moved elsewhere.

No file size listed

You can click on it and open it as a subfolder.

Looks like all I needed to do was reboot the TC, and they took the update. Had to reboot about 100 of them in order to push the new firmware.

Thanks as always!

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