IGEL OS failing to download the files I have set in a profile’s firmware customization download

my endpoints are failing to download the files I have set in a profile’s firmware customization download, Anyone have any idea why they would be failing?

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Are you using ICG by any chance? www.apanthos.com/wallpaper-on-a-icg-managed-igel-os/

yes we are

Ok, beside the fact that I’m expecting latest ICG 2.01.xxx 2.01.xxx, Igel OS 11.03.xxx 11.03.xxx and 6.04.XXX 6.04.XXX, also that the devices have a valid EMP Subscription, I would follow the guide appended on my previous post.

Can I just host these files elsewhere and not download from UMS then?

In general yes, but then I would adapt the config like this:

I’m not trying to do wallpaper

its a custom partition application .inf file

my mistake, then: same topic, CPs need to be hosted somewhere on an external Webserver and adapt the protocol, servername and Port like here:

When you copy the path into a Browser, does it work there?


Can you reset the device to factory defaults and retry?

yes I can, is there an easy way to do that?

I found it, but now my UMS server has choked the server its running on to death… I can’t even open task manager to kill it

Ok, that‘s a bit strange… I guess you Richt clicked the Device, Other Commands, Reset to factory defaults? Which Igel OS / ICG / UMS version are you running on?

I’m still getting the same red couldn’t be downloaded error on the igel unit after doing a factory reset

looks like protocol http, can you retry the URL with https in Front?

they both have https on them in the picture? I’m not sure where you are seeing plain http

is there a way to see logs about the custom partition download?

I was only seeing the URL Bar, and the unsecured advise. Can you provide me the Profile as PM, that I can test?

Thanks to @member for his help:

The solution was the following:

1. I had a .gz instead of a .bz2

2. Then I had to fix the Inf File Description.

3. Increase the Partition size

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