IGEL OS firmware updates via the ICG with ShareFile repository

I am currently testing firmware updates via the ICG. For this we use citrix Sharefile as a repository. If I now want to initiate the update via the UMS, the UMS says “no response from thin client received” but after a few seconds the message about the firmware update appears on the thin client. So why is the UMS showing me an error?

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Hello Oliver, can you share a few i formations about your UMS / ICG / Igel OS Versions?

UMS 06.04.100, ICG 2.01.110 and i want to update from OS11.02.150 to OS11.03.580

Is this happening too when sending a profile to the device or only on updates?

If I want to push a profile to the device it takes a long time but I don’t get an error message in the UMS.

Do you have the chance to update the ICG to a newer version to see if the issue persists?

Sure. But i found only this www.myigel.biz/index.php?dir=IGEL_CLOUD_GATEWAY/ where can i find a newer version ?

Sent you a PM.

Ah, sorry. I try it.

unfortunately nothing has changed. the problem is still there. can i look into any logs ?

Will send you a link to my update Profile, just a Moment.

Uploading the 11.03.580 now, will take a few moments.

Could you register one of your devices on my ICG? I could double check then if the problem persists on my side.

Sure, we can try that 🙂

Perfect, sent you a PM.

hmm, I’m going to have to try using sharefile again as the repository. I wasn’t able to get it to work and we thought it was due to how it handled the FTPS encryption. Sounds like maybe you had it working.

We are using an Windows IIS Server & using HTTPS and we are getting the “Error No response from the Client received” message during our v11.03.580 upgrade. We move the device to a new directory that has the new 11.03.580 version Profiles, then implement the 11.03.580 FIRMware update. Are we doing the sequence wrong? The IGEL OS version of the devices that are getting that error are v11.01.110.01.

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