IGEL OS getting “failed to get certificate from server” error

I’ve temporarily signed a Public SSL cert to test out IGEL Cloud Gateway before assigning any official certificates ans such to it. My IGEL keeps saying failed to get certificate from server. When I go to the server, it appears the certificate is successfully installed and valid.

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Hey @member, I am confused, that looks like a Windows dialogue. ICG should be a Linux OS, how are you looking at that?

I was pulling up the server vai a web browser to see the cert it had. ICG is deployed on an Ubuntu machine

Can you send the error from the IGEL device?

Maybe me testing this with the IGEL Device within our domain isn’t ideal?

It may also be that IGEL doesn’t have the let’s encrypt ca in it’s trusted list :thinking_face:

the ICG is setup with a routable external DNS host name?

Yep i put icg.scheetz.io icg.scheetz.io in DNS as an A record

I may have to end up getting our Godaddy cert and my manager to make dns changes to try that way if this isn’t working as a test

Were the Root and Intermediate Certs imported?

Sorry forgot to update. Chris worked with me and found the problem was a routing issue. Clients external of my internal domain can connect, but not internal. I just need to fix that with a DNS entry if I choose.

We got the exact same issue and I have no idea what to try next.

1. We checked the timezone settings on both the icg server (Ubuntu) and the client device

2. Port 443 tcp is open externally and on ICG

3. Our external dns is set with an A record and point to the right external IP address

4. Certificate chain looks fine to me

From UMS certificates looks fine as well

You need to have 8443 open

I use 443 not 8443

I don’t believe you can change the port

Yes, it shows that you can, but you cannot actually change it

Try using 8443

oh dang I thought they fixed that, oh well nmap dont lie

thanks I’ll try with 8443

You will probably need to re-install and change the port to 8443 in your configuration

I probably installed 12 times already, what’s 1 more time

Yes, but depending on the OS that may not just work. I don’t think it does

Try on 8443 and see if it works

I will, thanks for the quick reply. That doc need to be adjusted!

Ah wait

I just tested with my device

On the device enter: icg.getvpro.com:443 icg.getvpro.com:443 for the ICG URL


ok well the wizard need to be updated to point to 443 by default 😄

Makes sense actually, the IGEL rmagent will look for 8443 because that is what was always used

yeah right

old windows habit


Enjoy, I am off to take my dog for a walk and enjoy the nice weather while it lasts 🙂

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