IGEL OS is not connecting to Wifi Hotspot

I have an interesting issue. So we have a laptop user with a UD Pocket that can connect to WIFI when he is on his home WIFI. But when he tries to connect to the WIFI from his Mobile Hotspot (Cell Phone) IGEL won’t connect to it. Now he can connect his laptop when running Windows 10 to the hotspot. Besides telling the user to check with the Cell company on HotSpot restrictions, I don’t have any other idea what to check. Any Ideas?

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So we are still on for the OS. Now it is one of the UD Pockets that is USB-C and USB-A that the user is having problems with. Now I have a UD Pocket that is the older USB-A only (same OS) and it has no problem connecting to my Hotspot from my Cell Phone.

Lance, make sure the hotspot SSID is only numbers or letters. If it’s an iPhone and the SSID is something like “Lance’s iPhone”, it won’t connect due to the apostrophe.

Nick. The users did confirm their phone SSID is like that. They will be testing later as they left the UD Pocket at home.

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