IGEL OS is shown as offline in the UMS, but I’m using it, it’s online, but can’t VNC or update it?

Hey guys,

I have a device that is currently showing as offline in the UMS and shows the last boot time as 3/31. I’m currently logged into the device right now and am able to authenticate at the device level, but the UMS itself doesn’t see it online and cannot VNC or update the firmware or device settings. I found a thread about a possible network manager being the culprit but I’m not sure and can’t seem to find the specific registry entry. Thoughts from someone more experienced? Specifically the IGEL version on the device is 11.04.240.

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Hey Brett, before answering more deeply, it would be helpful to know more about this questions:

• is the device locally or over VPN / IGEL Cloud Gateway?

• can you ping the device?

• Which UMS version are you using?

• The device is over a VPN but I can confirm the VPN tunnel is up and running for my own connection and other devices on the network not experiencing this issue.

• I can ping the device both from a machine on the local LAN and directly from the UMS server itself.

• The current UMS version is 6.06.110

Can you check if the IP showed in UMS is corresponding to the real endpoints IP?

It does not. The IP showing in the UMS is the cached one from the Last Boot Time back on 3/31. The current IP on the device has a new DHCP Lease.

I am suspecting what Sebastien just asked is the culprit. If the VPN gets established after the device boots up, the device will have missed its window to inform UMS of its updated IP. A quick way to get your IP updated, is to right click your directory and scan for devices and just put in the IP you are looking for, then reimport that device and UMS will update its IP address.

Tried that already, I get the following error when doing so. I currently have about 5 other igel devices running off the same VPN tunnel without this issue.

Can you open a separate shadow window, enter the IP of the device and try to connect?

Huh, that seems to have forced the connection through and resolved it

Alright, good to know for the future

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