IGEL OS just freezes up on startup?

Anyone seen where the OS just freezes up on startup? We have a few machines that randomly just freeze up with the boot splash screen. I will work on getting screenshot. These are devices converted or using UDPs. Rebooting them fixes it, but it is totally random. We have our endpoints reboot every night, so it gets to be an issue quite a bit.

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I have seen this issue on some of converted devices, specifically Dell Optiplex 780 and 790. No other models are impacted from what we have been able to tell. Also, to make it even more fun, it is impossible to reproduce. Just like you, we reboot nightly, and once in a while one refused to fully boot (and register to UMS), so it requires an onsite power cycle.

We have seen it on converted Optiplex 780/790’s, also. We have the same issue on HP t510s and t5565s when booting to UDP.

Hi David, You could try and pull the logs from the device in UMS, and see then log a call with support, and attach the logs. Then they might be able to assist you with this.

I’ve had this issue with those Optiplex models as well along with display issues. I believe we fixed the freezing issue by changing BIOS either from Legacy to UEFI (or the other way around, its been a couple of years). The BIOS had to be set one way for the install and then switched back afterwards to boot properly. The display issue was fixed by putting them in their own container with a display profile that configured everything.

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