IGEL OS losing connection to COM port

Hello, I am new to Slack and this IGEL Community. I am having an issue where the IGEL’s we are using are sometimes loosing the com port. We are on UD3-LX 60’s on a couple of different Firmware versions. Running SAP prested through Citirx. Has anyone had this issue or seen it before? Thanks in advance! Louie

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Hello Louis, a warm welcome then!! You are using the local Serial port, right? No USB Adapter?

Which IGEL OS version are you using? Which kind of devices are connected via Serial?

Thanks Sebastien! There is an internal USB to serial adapter. and we are using /testing firmware versions and 11.3.580.01 and 11.03.530.01.

I have the mapping as follows

It is very strange and random. It will work for a while and then all of the sudden the .exe that runs repleis in a command window sauing there are no cpmports. But when you run it again it’s fine and works for a while and then does it again.

and to be honest I am not certain it is an Igel issue. I have been working with Igel tech support and it doesn’t apper in the log files I have sent them.

and Of course the SAP guys are saying it isn’t sap. Nothing has changed since our POC 6 months ago accept for we upgraded to S4 Hana.

Well, we all say it cannot happen, it cannot be on our side and then, it‘s a network issue😉

Do you have Native USB Redirection ON on that devices?

No it isn’t enabled.

Should it be?

No, perfect! Did you already had a look on Citrix Logs?

To activate Citrix logging only one parameter is necessary:


Starting with CWA 2009 Citrix uses the logging daemon ctxlogd, which can be set via the parameters ica.logging.setlog.

The new daemon displays information in the journal,

Nov 02 09:27:39 WYSE1 citrix-ctxlogd [11809]: Session starting for pid 11938.

Nov 02 09:27:39 WYSE1 citrix-ctxlogd[11809]: Session closing for pid 11938.

Nov 02 09:27:39 WYSE1 citrix-ctxlogd[11809]: Session starting for pid 11938.

Nov 02 09:27:39 WYSE1 citrix-ctxlogd[11809]: Process 11938 has named itself “citrix-storebrowse”.

But also creates a logfile (default: /var/log/ICAClient.log).

By default all log levels get the value Error from level all (ica.loggig.setlog.level.all). But it will be necessary to adjust the log levels individually to get the necessary information.

I can not recommend to set the parameter All to verbose, because within one minute 200k log are written.

For more information you can have a look at the program /services/ica/ICAClient/util/setlog and the Citrix documentation


Thanks I will have a look.

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