IGEL OS Network Tagging Support

Does anybody know if Igel thin clients support Network tagging. my network sends DSCP value tags on certain voice traffic, but the clients doesnt send the TAGS back. I need thos tags for my QOS for voice.

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You mean that our Igel sets the DCSP in the header? We don’t have this integration atm. from what I recal.

Is it the setting “multistream sessions” within Sessions –> Citrix –> Citrix Global –> Options ?

I dont have the option for multistream available. the DSCP tags are used for pretagging network traffic, the traffic that arrives on the thin client has the tags , but the traffic that leaves the thinclient doesnt have it anymore. for PC you can apply QOS policys so that they can apply it but on thin clients i dont find it

iptables is used (–set-dscp value). Get with your network person to obtain the correct command.


• Work with Network team to get iptables command to issue on Linux

• On IGEL open terminal as root and test the command

• Then create a profile for network QoS and issue the custom command after network starts

Found this link — www.3cx.com/blog/voip-howto/qos-linux/

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