IGEL OS not able to connect to Citrix StoreFront 1912?

We use Igel UDC ver 10.03 to access Citrix 7.15. they have been working well.

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I upgraded SF from 7.15 to latest 1912. but UDC is not able to SF.

Hi Vastsea. Did you use a non-SSL http store with 7.15?

Yes. I ues http with 7.15

and the URL is still http: ?

Check if you activated HTML5 receiver. If you don’t need it, deactivate. it

And you should post the pics here in this thread an not open a new one every time 🙂

I am sorry. I am a fresh student in here 🙂

no prob – we’re all learning 😉

I didn’t activate HTML5

How to fix the issue?

I would suggest to update to the latest v10 version IGEL OS as there are updates regarding the Citrix Receiver.

I tested OS11 today. but it still doesn’t wrok

below pictures from OS11

how did you configure the UMS profile?

How to show my profile to you?

screenshots are the best here or right click the endpoint, export device settings and PM me the file

so you changed from 7.15 onprem to 1912 in the cloud as you’re using the cloud.com cloud.com url for the browser?

for OS11 I would though test wiht 11.03.530 as there are newer Citrix WSA integrated and other bugs and security features updated

I didn’t use clould.com clould.com

it’s in the profile you sent me. enviromental variable and the Browser start page refers to this variable

I setup Citrix StoreFront server in LAN environment

then that’s not the right profile.

that’s why I asked for the device settings. right click on the device, go for “export device settings” and PM me the ZIP

Oh. I forgot change it.

it is from our vendor.

I sent setting file to you by PM

thx – could you verify in the Storefront console that the HTML5 store isn’t activated? it’s done by default AFAIK.

but when you click on “already installed” what’s coming next?

When I click on “already installed” the picture will show

StoreFront console

If you have only IGEL (Linux Clients) you can edit the web.conf on the Storefront Server to Fix the Problem

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