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Hi Everyone, I have a few questions regarding laptops and converting to IGEL. We recently are looking into using Chromebooks but since it mostly is HTML 5 based it may not be a solution for us. I have read that the IGEL OS will run on a Chromebook via the UD pocket but it is not recommended (jailbreaking) to format the Chromebook and natively install the IGEL OS. Can anyone shed some light on this? Also the UD pocket is not something we can deploy because users will loose them and then cause massive HD issues. What other portable device options would anyone recommend to use with the IGEL OS installed over whatever OS was there 1st?

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Install IGEL OS on the laptop… for example, Lenovo 14W. Lenovo can pre-install IGEL OS.


Hi Brian, I think you can find answers to most of your questions on the 2 following links and @member might be able to add more 🙂

Running IGEL OS on Chromebooks – The IGEL UD Pocket approach (Part I)

Running IGEL OS on Chromebooks – Converting the device with IGEL OS Creator and booting from internal storage (Part II)

Also, there are some nice IGEL certified compatible laptops on www.igel.com/ready/showcase-categories/endpoints/ have a look !


Thank you Ron and Ruiny. Great solutions with multiple angles. The UD pocket is amazing but won’t work as mentioned. I like the idea of Lenovo pre-installed IGEL OS! Thanks again for contributing.

IGEL OS on CBs can be done but it’s probably not supported, needs some tinkering and voids the warranty. Converting a regular laptop is definitely easier.

Hi Brian, an option could be our new UD Pocket Kobra VS. It works with a 2-factor-authentication, fully hardware encrypted, certified for security by the German Federal Office for Information Security, comes with NATO Restricted, EU Restricted and VS-NfD (for German public offices and government entities). That basically means when it gets stolen or lost, it is not possible to access any data. Could that be of interest?

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