IGEL OS on UD3 LX clients are not registering in our DNS

Good morning, all of our UD3 LX clients are not registering in our DNS. The DNS name in our DHCP is correct, but there is no entry on our DNS’. the DNS are defined in the igel profiles. can you please help me? thank you very much.

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Good morning! Did you already had a look into the DDNS Topic described here?


Hello Sebastien, thank you for your hint. yes, the igel profile has been created as shown in this KB.

You are welcome! Which kind of DNS Server are you using (vendor)?

Win 2012 R2 & Win 2008 R2

Well, that‘s a bit more tricky:


wow… is there no easy solution?

Let’s see! Let‘s start with a few settings, did you set up the „Nonsecure and Secure „ DNS Updates?


which firmware / UMS Version are you using?

Do you have other devices like printers that work?

You could have a look on the DHCP Setting to see if there is a option which blocks the reg process:

System=>Registry=>network.dns.hostname_adopt_from_dhcp set it to false or true and reboot correspondingly.

Our’s are added to DNS by DHCP. I know you mentioned having Dynamic DNS enabled, but just to be clear, you have it set in either the dhcp scope settings and/or the IPv4 settings?

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