IGEL OS on UD3 output sound to external speakers (RCA connection) gets “crackly”

At times some UD3-LX51 output sound to external speakers (RCA connection) gets “crackly” when moving the cable and/or adjusting the sound volume on the speaker. The fix seems to be to replace the IGEL device but this seems impractical considering the cost, etc. Is there a way to fix this issue via software?

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You mean a faulty Jack 3,5mm connector on endpoint side?

Yes, not many devices but the users complain enough to have to replace. Would a USB Speaker be any better?

I‘m not a sound interface pro, but crackling sound on Analog Audio might have several reasons… Not sure if that is related but I had that on some private Computers:


If it happens when moving the cable, it most likely indicates a worn out jack or worn out cable.

USB/Digital Audio would most likely solve your issue, but definitely test before buying too many speakers.

I can say that I have used USB audio nearly exclusively on my devices for the past 3 years and all the crackling I used to get when kicking my sub is now gone.

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