IGEL OS setting are working via ICG but not locally?

So I’m currently working on branding and jazzing up our desktops on an internal device (no ICG needed) and an external device (comes through ICG). Both of these devices have UD Converter licenses and are on version 11.02.150.

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On my internal device, everything is applying wonderfully and looking great. On my external device, everything has applied smoothly EXCEPT when I try to create a browser session to appear on the desktop.

I decided to try a generic “http://google.com google.com” browser session to add to the desktop, that still didn’t work. I tried applying it to my internal device, and the browser session shows up just fine.

Does anyone have any ideas or advice for this? It just strikes me as odd that I can get this working on my internal device which has a WE license, but I can’t on the external device with the EMP license.

EMP is just an add-on license on top of WE, so you still need WE for the external device

Ah hah! 🙂 Thank you! It removed the WE license when I added the EMP so I had assumed I only needed the EMP. Thank you @member

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