IGEL OS Start Screen stuck and unresponsive in VirtualBox

IGEL OS screens are stuck and unresponsive for hours

Is that a new installation in VirtualBox? I had zero success running IGEL OS 11 in VirtualBox. I tried on multiple machines (Windows and Mac), checked/changed virtualization settings etc. I would get the same thing — I could install it but during the boot up, it would hang on the “IGEL WORKSPACE” load screen indefinitely. I ended up having to repurpose an old Windows laptop to test IGEL OS 11, install UMS on a Windows machine, and I was able to set up the ICG on a both Ubuntu and CentOS machines in VirtualBox on a separate Linux machine that I have.

We did a deep dive on the Vbox issues — there are a few things going on

1. IGEL apparently uses an older version for some video drivers. IGEL, by default does a probe / capabilities enumeration routine that is not fully compatible with the screwy method that VBox manages the software rendering for the display. There are a few solutions to this — set the display ram to less than 64MB to choke the VBox resources. This causes Virtual Box to use a generic display profile with IGEL OS 11

2. IGEL does not play well with Virtual Box dynamic file system allocation — it causes a timeout from VBOX to IGEL. The solution is to use Darik Boot and Nuke on the IGEL Virtual Machine to format the virtual drive instance before installing IGEL OS 11 on virtual box. This ensures the entire drive partition is allocated prior to running the IGEL OS 11 install.

3. Don’t use a NAT interface within Virtual Box. The NAT router is buggy. Bridge the primary interface

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