IGEL OS (UDC) an connected to a Docking Station, how to configure multiple monitors to act as desired?

Hi Guys. Question when using a Laptop with UDC an connected to a Docking Station. How do I configure the following: when not connected to the docking station, there’s only one screen (the one of the laptop) to be used. As soon as it gets connected to the docking station, it should swap the primary desktop to the left display, and expand it to the right display. Laptop Display should go dark then. How can I achieve this?

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Hi! It‘s nothing that you could achieve out of of the box unfortunately. We are working on improving this kind of use cases. First: if it‘s suitable for your users you may try the display switcher (Accossorie=>Display Switcher) in simple or extended to setup the displays manually. Second possible way is to use xrandr commands in a bash script, but it‘s a little bit more complicated, I worked on this with a customer: @member Let us know if you have to choose the second way:hugging_face:

okay… I suppose we’ll use Windows then…

I am working on that with xrand, I have it almost done, when I finish it , I will share it here.

sounds great! thank you

Thomas, I just came across this message. This feature is now available in the new OS11 if you would like to take a look. You can do this in the Display Switch Utility.

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