IGEL OS under Parallels Desktop?

❓ Anyone installed IGEL OS under Parallels Desktop? I’m wanting to find out how to install Parallels Tools

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hey buddy – did you get an answer to this? I enjoy running Parallels for my WIndows VM on Mac but i cant get the IGEL OS to install – i get a crash shortly after boot

Install works for me but I’d like to see if I can install the drivers

old version of IGEL OS 11 worked – 11.3 didnt out of the box – had to use VESA mode

to enable the latest version of parallels to work with IGEL OS 11.3.500 and above you have to change the GPU driver used by parallels – type needs to equal 0 not 1 `<Video VideoMemorySize_patch=”1″ dyn_lists=””>`



Has anyone done this successfully lately? I am not sure where to change the GPU driver Simon mentions.

Never mind, figured it out. Within the package of the parallels VM is a config file

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