IGEL OS users experiencing network latency and session freezing issues

We are experiencing network latency issues. Our IGELs are repurposed Dell All-In-One workstations running or 10.05.500.01. The user logs in and is directed to a Citrix Desktop. At some point they experience session freezing and we can see in UMS the device flashes red. The only way to fix (for now) is to either restart the IGEL or bounce the port on the Network switch. Our technician team is trying to see if updating the BIOS will help, but so far that’s not too promising. One of the problem machines was brought back to our office and plugged in. The Last IP field in UMS updated to correspond to the new location, but when I starting pinging the device to watch for latency, the IGEL UMS reverted to the old IP so it thinks it’s offline again. We do not have igelrmserver set up in DHCP but we have it set in DNS. Any help would be greatly appreciated…

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Eric, do you still have Citrix Adaptive Transport disabled in a profile?

I mean, set to “TCP only – UDP disabled”

Sessions –> Citrix –> Citrix Global –> Options

@member Yeah, we’re set to TCP Only – UDP disabled

On Network, if you ping other devices in the location, which latency are they showing up?

Red/green flapping usually happens when >100ms

If you look on your device, in UMS which network speed is shown there? Which speed is shown locally on the endpoint?

On Firmware: just in case… 11.01. is really (really) [really] outdated. Could you try 11.05.100 there?

Other pings are <1ms. Other occasionally 4-6 ms. This one isn’t flapping anymore, it’s just red. Network speed shows 1000 m bits. Firmware couldn’t go past 11.01 due to Imprivata compatibility issues at the time.

Are these all at one particular remote branch?

The initial report was one branch, and I can occasionally see 2-4 flashing red and green. Then reports of it happening elsewhere but we don’t see those flashing red in UMS. It’s the game of trying to prove a network issue.

Yep, isn’t it always. The usual culprit for session freezing is “the network”. Given that you’re seeing these devices alternating between offline and online in the UMS should provide some additional evidence to your network team. At least one of them was pretty good, hopefully he’s still there πŸ™‚

Are pings from the device to the remote location working good? Cable were already replaced, right? Which network speed is shown on the endpoint?

We went live with Epic and are getting reported extreme slowness from outside offices, some not even using IGEL. Network team battled with Epic for a little while until they were able to identify “a problem” seeing 600+ ms replies. Now I’m getting UMS flashing like it’s Christmas. When someone went on site, they could see the freezing, and either bouncing the port at the switch, restarting the IGEL or unplugging and plugging in the network cable resets the connection immediately, but only for a while. One of the devices that was problematic they brought back to the office and it pulled a new IP, but now it shows red and the old IP. I can ping the machine name and it resolves in DNS just fine. UMS has the wrong listed and I’m not sure how it would have reverted

Network speed on all endpoints in UMS show 1000 m bit/s

That sounds like a classic network issue. Maybe a loop (just a vague guess). For the IP address variance in the UMS, can the IGEL device resolve igelrmserver to your UMS? I know you said there’s a DNS record, but just to make sure. Did your security team tighten down on ports, such as 3001 and/or 3005 ?

I’m not near the device physically, so I can’t check if it can resolve at the moment. I can ask about ports. Would that be from the endpoint IP to UMS?

Yep, to and from

Are you able to connect via SSH though to the device (outside of the UMS)?

I can SSH to it through putty (thank you) and can ping and resolve igelrmserver

I am told no firewall in between location and igelrmserver. “All wide open”

And with this device, does it’s IP address match what’s shown in the UMS right now?

on SSH what are this commands giving back?

No it does not. When the device was brought back onsite, UMS picked up the new IP. I started pinging the new IP I saw in UMS when I saw it come online. Then the device changed to red, and the IP section reverted to the old IP

On UMS flashing, can you try to increase the latency Timeout under:

kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-6.06/en/server-network-settings-37282605.html kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-6.06/en/server-network-settings-37282605.html

@member – Old IP was New IP should be

And, Eric, more importantly, what do you think of the GIF that @member posted?

Incredible and fast to follow πŸ™‚

Someone was able to restart that machine and it now shows the correct IP in UMS again. If at first you don’t succeed, try the same thing a few more times.

Still wondering about the flashing machines at that office…

Our current Online Check Parameters is set to 100 ms Timeout

Could you try to increase to 200ms save, and refresh the Console?

I think the default is 1000ms

UMS version 6.03.130 but can update that soon if no other concerns.

on 6.06.110 @member you are 100% right, before it was 100. πŸ‘:skin-tone-2:

Ah, makes sense. I was going to question who would have lowered the timeout from what the default was πŸ™‚

Setting to 200 didn’t help much. From another flashing machine still off site, it looks like network latency to me….

On network performance: if you are on SSH, what does:

iperf3 -c IpOfYourUMS -f K

Copy and pasted, and updated ip of ums:

Ooooh, OS10? Could you try OS11?

same result from another endpoint running

Damn… came into IGEL OS later then…

Do you have a big file (100mb) on a Webserver?

wget -O /dev/null server/yourfile server/yourfile

would give you a rough idea if stable and how much bandwith you have.

Unfortunately I do not have that option. We’re looking in to replacing those machines and checking internal cabling in that office. Thank you both for your help so far!

Anytime Eric. Tell the Dragon I said hello! πŸ™‚

You are welcome! Please keep us in the loop, as soon as you found out somethingπŸ‘:skin-tone-2:

The team replaced some of the workstations and I have not heard anything else about those that were replaced. The ones that were problematic, they brought back to the office and have rarely seen the issue again. Another site is reporting similar problems with latency. Our Network team says the NIC driver of these is known to be bad –> version: 3.2.6-k. I updated the firmware on a machine I have next to me physically to 11.04.270 but saw no change in NIC version. I also lost my Imprivata overlay now…

Hey Eric, from what I can recall, Imprivata has specific versions of IGEL firmware. But, it’s been awhile since I’ve dealt with it. Did you guys check to see if 11.04.270 is supported? And, that’s really strange about the NIC driver. You guys have standard Cisco switches, correct? Maybe try manually setting the port speed on at least 1 of the IGEL thin clients presenting the latency issue?

The 11.04.270 is not specifically listed on the Imprivata compatibility chart yet, but IGEL support mentioned to me the other day that 11.05 should be listed any day now. The chart does say “IGEL 11.04.130 and later.” Switches are set to Auto but are negotiating 1000/full. I see the same in UMS. The IGEL itself has the Network Link type set to Auto Sense.

What if you set it to 1000 Mbps Full Duplex either directly on one of those devices, or from within a profile assigned to one of those devices?

That’s going to be our next step. Once we identify one that is having issues. It’s so strange that it’s so sporadic at times, and other times you see several at one site having issues at once.

Yes, it is. I can’t say that I’ve experienced that behavior recently, or in the past (excluding instances where network swtiches/routers had config issues)

We replaced a machine that was having the issue with an HP t620 thin client. It’s using a different NIC driver than the Dell AIO. Now we wait and see.

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