IGEL OS with 4K UHD display- Is there a way to configure DPI settings?

Igel with 4k uhd display

Is there a way for dpi settings? Or change resolution in ica session without change the resolution on local

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I can’t really find much on it other than this. Lots of info on using windows, but not with linux.


On Igel OS, this setting might fit:

kb.igel.com/igelos-11.03.500/en/options-27247200.html kb.igel.com/igelos-11.03.500/en/options-27247200.html

If I remember correctly, Citrix sessions use (only) the client’s resolution, so there is no way to change the resolution in the session without changing it on the client. I normally just use the native (4k) resolution on the monitor and set the scaling (D.P.I.) in the XenDesktop session if necessary.

If the endpoint is windows, there are scaling options in citrix workspace app, but don’t see that as an option in linux. What @member posted, it looks like it can automate some of that using the smart setting on the dpi detection.

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