IGEL Releases IGEL OS 11.04.130!

IGEL Releases 11.04.130!

Please be informed that we’ve exchanged our 11.04.100 release with the newer 11.04.130.

Main reasons for that are:

• Important security-related bugfixes

• Some updated partner solutions (A.E.T. SafeSign, Login PI Enterprise)

• Updated Firefox version (68.12.0 ESR) to address various vulnerabilities.

• Please see ISN-2020-08 in our Knowledge Base under kb.igel.com/securitysafety/en/security-safety-2271734.html for the details and as reference.

Please refer to the release notes here: www.igel.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/lxos_11.04.130.txt

This version is now accessible via the Firmware Update tool within our UMS and also via www.igel.com/software-downloads/workspace-edition/ www.igel.com/software-downloads/workspace-edition/

Please be also informed about our Private Build 11.04.131, which was shared and provided yesterday. This build includes the following (important) updates:

• Integrated Citrix Workspace App 2009 (PB was offered once again two days after the GA release from Citrix)

• Update of Cisco Webex Meetings VDI to version

• Updated Zoom VDI Media Plugin for Citrix to current version 5.2.443395

More info here: igelcommunity.slack.com/archives/C8EQWAPAP/p1600356557064200

Thanks for the continued updates to the community @member – this is a most valuable resource to me. If you don’t mind a few follow-ups:

There’s conflicting information about version of UMS required for features:

1. Public release notes in OS 11.04.130 – state: To be benefical of all new features and implementations, it is recommended to use UMS 6.05.100 or later and updating the corresponding profiles.

2. Private release notes in OS 11.04.131 – state: To be benefical of all new features and implementations, it is recommended to use UMS 6.04.100 or later and updating the corresponding profiles.

I don’t have the private release notes from the 11.04.130 to confirm, but I’m suspicious that the public release notes may state UMS 6.05.100 in error?

Secondly, since OS 11.04.100 was effectively pulled from public distribution, what is the general direction for this situation? I’m trying to understand if this is normal in the firmware release cycle, or should I be concerned if I’m on an 11.04 branch less than .130?

@member can you see my questions above?

I would pick that one up:

in short: 11.04.*** needs UMS 6.05.100 if you want to be able to create profiles for Zoom VDI / Cisco Webex. Earlier UMS Versions will not show that menu. I guess there might have been an error in the release notes.

The 11.04.100 was removed because of Security and stability updates. I would update to 11.04.130 if you have the chance.

It isn‘t properly spoken happening often, but if a Private builds holds enough new and security stuff we might publish it as GA release.

That you @member and sorry for the delay @member. Somehow I missed this one. My fault. I’m also the wrong guy to answer it but @member… He is the tech genus. Anyhoo, sorry we made you wait. 😞 Hope this helps.

@member @member Appreciate the updates guys! Regarding “stability” updates – I didn’t see too much mentioned, are there any specifics/examples? The IGEL OS itself stability?

They are related to own products like HA (High availability), Firmware updates and, drivers.

Hi, I rolled this out yesterday and it caused huge performance issues on RDP connections, to the point that I had to manually re-flash back to 04.100. I have opened a support call ITRS#2020092410001579 and am waiting a response.

Also broke COM port passthrough.

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