IGEL Releases UMS 6.05.100


This is a big release and includes the NEW UMS Web App!

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What’s New:

UMS 6.05.100

• New option to configure Windows firewall port exclusions in the UMS installer

• New option to install the UMS Web App component

• New user type for initial UMS setup, the UMS superuser

• Support of Active Directory authentication for MS SQL Server database

• UMS HA Health Check ​tool to check the status of an HA environment

Read the release notes here: www.igel.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Readme-6.05.100.txt

You can download the above updates via www.igel.com/software-downloads/enterprise-management-pack/

Already have it installed and playing with the webconsole

What do you think?

Its definitely a step in the right direction, and I’ll probably have my tier 1 guys start using it since they don’t need a lot of features outside shadowing and power options. Hopefully we finally get an updated API with the new console.

Looking Good! Can’t wait for further functionality in the web app, but decent start

Now I need to get the ICG working so Secure Shadow will work through it 😉

The refresh on the new version is really fast.

Being able to shadow from browser is pretty nice!

Updated now. The team love the Web Console, interface is so much cleaner and makes the information much more available. The search feature is super powerful. With the Covid 19 disrupts, locating which device the user is on was a challenge but is now super easy and super fast. We think it’s just super 😉 👍

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