IGEL shows black screens when connecting to the VMware Horizon

Hello Everyone,

Do anyone know why the IGEL will show black screens when connecting to the VMware Horizon VDI? it only happen remotely but in the office network works fine

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What do you see in the logs?


“`# uncomment following line for VMware Horizon

#tar cvjf vmware-user-logs.tar.bz2 /tmp/vmware-user“`

all we are doing with the IGEL device is connecting to VMware Horizon (VDI Windows MAchine) this is randomly happen to certain users only

I would check the logs in /tmp/vmware-user for working and not working systems / users.

Ron, the logs you are referring to, is that in the IGEL device or the actual VDI logs?

The other issue I have is that I cant connect to that remote end-user IGEL device because it does not show in the UMS but strange part is the use has internet service because is able to establish the connection with VMware , except that is getting black screen after connecting

How to I enable the WiFi option manually when there is not remote connectivity with the IGEL device when all the menus have been disabled? the only interface the users see is the login screen to VMware?

Logs on the device `/tmp/vmware-user`


`nmcli radio wifi on`


Ron , thank you for that, very helpful, I’m trying to figure it out th black screens issue now


Thank you

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