IGEL thin client is in endless loop after updating

Hi all!

We have tried to update a TC to v10 (using this guide for testing: kb.igel.com/igellinux/en/testing-the-upgrade-4237493.html)

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Now the client is in a endless loop, fails to contact .

Hi, where do you came from? V5?

You could try to recover by USB: kb.igel.com/igelos-10.05.500/en/updating-the-firmware-using-the-linux-console-8620844.html

It doesn’t seem to “apply” changes when use the setparam.

nevermind. It somehow got the correct profile settings after booting. I had to reset factory settings and go directly to console

Can I update to directly to the latest v10 version?

Like asked before, it depends a bit from which firmware you came from. v5? If yes,after upgrading to v10, yes! Please check if your device is supported:

Firmware version 10.05.800

Release date 2019-05-08

Last update of this document 2019-05-07

[> IGEL Release Notes](https://kb.igel.com/igelos10/releasenotes)

Supported Devices




UD2-LX 40

UD3-LX 51, UD3-LX 50, UD3-LX 42, UD3-LX 41

UD5-LX 50

UD6-LX 51

UD7-LX 10

UD9-LX Touch 41, UD9-LX 40

UD10-LX Touch 10, UD10-LX 10

It was from v5. I was wondering if there was a v10 version I had to upgrade to first, before going higher. But I then understand that I can go directly from v5 to the latest supported v10 build. Correct?

I didn’t tried for a longer time but yes, that’s the way to go!

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