IGEL Thin Client UD2 with IGEL OS v11.04.130 using two Dell 22” monitors, second monitor problems

We are using IGEL Thin Client UD2 M250 endpoints with IGEL OS v11.04.130 and we are experiencing the following video behavior when using two Dell 22” monitors. Note we don’t see this issue when using 19” monitors and we don’t have this issue when using a re-purpose PC with IGEL OS using 22″ monitors.

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The behavior of these two monitor when they have this issue are as follows:

· The primary monitor functions as expected.

· The secondary monitor display goes wonky (for example line will appear over the enter screen on top of the existing text or graphic making it difficult to read)

We obtained assistance which stated we need to perform the following:

• Since this is specific to the UD2’s, I have a handful of driver and display related tweaks we might be able to try – lets try the following in a test profile and see if there is any difference: System > Registry > x.drivers.intel.use_modesetting = true

• Test with 11.04.200, if you have not done so already.

We have applied these above fixes a few IGEL Endpoints and the issue wasn’t resolved.

We were asked the additional questions, which I have provided our answers:

• Can you change the DisplayPort mode on those specific monitors? Does it make any difference if you switch it to 1.1 or 1.1a? The same issue appears when different DisplayPort modes are used and we have tried various DisplayPort cables,and NEC & Dell monitors.

• Does this occur within a specific session, or are the lines present even just when on the IGEL OS desktop? The lines and distortion appears on the monitor on the IGEL OS Desktop even before logging into Citrix.

We determined the cause of this issue. The Profile called “Stop Flickering – Team Optimisation” to stop black lines and black block sections from appearing in MS Teams Video caused this issue. Once we removed this Profile it resolved the issue. This Profile was obtained from Advanced Sevices.

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