IGEL UD Pocket Error: “Failed to download data system is not fully operational”

Hi All,

Not sure if this is the correct channel.

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We are running into some issues with the IGEL UD Pockets We received these from CDW.

I am having call Work from Home users who are having issues with their new devices.

Some of them are getting “Error: Failed to download data system is not fully operational”. Then a whole list of errors follow after that.

Only solution is to push out the firmware again and update it. Then all the profiles will work properly.

Seems the firmware upgrade from the factory was not complete?

It could be that some Partitions are missing in the IGEL OS Firmware. That depends on the settings you’ve set via UMS.

If you’ve activated additional Partitions, that are not actived normally – this step is necessary.

Hi Erick, @member nailed it, I guess; please check if a profile sets a new partition or in contrary disables it under System, Firmware Customization, Features!

If that is the case please check then, a Universal Firmware Update object (10.06.130) is assigned to the folder where the devices are located and reboot the devices. That should work either.

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