IGEL UD Pocket on Nuc (BOXNUC7i5BNK)

We’re having unstable IGEL UD Pocket’s on BOXNUC7i5BNK. The nucs randomly power off. This can be during idle or active session. We’re having 5 nuc’s, all of them behave the same way. They power off randomly , this can be after 5 minutes or sometimes after 8h. Any tips how to debug this? (running a native installation of for example a fedora/windows, runs fine, hardware tests all fine)

Thanks for your feedback. However we have this issue when no session are running as well. When a clean boot is done, and the nuc is idling on the igel desktop.

If you install the IGEL OS on the device (UDC3) is it more stable then? Just to filter out heat problems..

Why I ask, I was using xenserver on USB on a NUC and had the same behavior, when installing xenserver on local storage of the nuc, all was fine..

Short update: it seems to be stabilized with using an extension cable, instead of connecting it directly into to usb port

Maybe a design fault of the udp sticks (when they get hot, the lose connection with the coppers of the usb port)?

Sticks or placing of the USB ports (too close to heatsource) that’s the question :-).

As I had same issue on nuc’s with other brand of USB stick. And I can use the udp on other machines without issues 🙂

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