IGEL UD Pocket simply will not take its license


I’m a freelance consultant and for my Lab, I purchased a new UD3-LX60 Ryzen R1505G based Thin Client and an official UD Pocket USB-Stick. I installed UMS as usual and got me a Workgroup Edition EVAL License with the MAC addresses of both devices in it (MAC addresses are 100% correct, I verified).

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Unpacked the UD3, powered it up and it appeared in UMS as usual and it took its license. All normal, all good.

Then I plugged the UD Pocket into an Intel NUC and booted from it. All normal at first. It appears in UMS just like the UD3 but it stayed unlicensed for a while. After a couple of reboots, it was suddenly licensed with a “UC5-LX Starter” license (I did not do anything, it just happened) and it won’t take the WE EVAL License despite the MAC address being 100% correct. I upgraded the firmware to 11.04.130 (needed for Imprivata) just like I did with the UD3. Nope. No license pulled. I did a reset-to-factoy but no dice. It simply will not take its license.

The firewall on the UMS server is disabled now (tip on some forum I found via Google). It does not make a difference though and the FW was active when the UD3 took it’s license (the correct ports in Windows Server 2019 are open, the UMS installer did that for me). I’m stumped. Everything looks and behaves normal but the UD Pocket just won’t take it’s license. I did a license-reset via UMS but that “UC5-LX Starter” license keeps coming back instead of the WE EVAL which it should be taking.

UD Pocket is not licensed based on the MAC

Just in case the UD Pocket isn‘t licensed on Mac Address based but on the Sticks UnitID.

So, I would do the following, open a local terminal on the endpoint (Igel Setup, Accessories, Terminal, +), issue the following command:

This comamnd in a local terminal:

mount -o remount,rw /license; find . | grep -iRl “.*lic” /license/dsa/licenses/ | xargs -I {} rm -rf {}; mount -o remount,ro /license

combined witht the following command:

get_unit_id -m

and reboot.

in the meantime, please retrieve an Eval License based on UnitID.

After reboot,

Thanks for your replies. The UD pocket (at least this one) actually DOES license based on it’s MAC address but here’s the kicker: the NUC also has a WiFi Interface and both LAN and WiFI where active. I created a profile disabling WiFi, applied and reboot. After te reboot

After the reboot, the device took it’s MAC based device license.

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